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Managed antivirus and malware

As companies build bigger and better systems to prevent virus attacks, hackers are creating more sophisticated ways to infiltrate a company’s network.

Unsurprisingly, antivirus products cannot detect all viruses.  What’s more, some antivirus products don’t detect the newest threat – malware.  With the potential to steal information, spy on computer users or even to extort payment, malware could be just as destructive to your business.

To combat this, we take a multi-layered approach to virus and malware prevention by:

initiating background scans from our central Helpdesk to detect any inappropriate levels of protection.

installing two separate antivirus packages on our clients’ PCs to double our level of protection, and

undertaking appropriate measures to clean any offending software as soon as we have received an alert.

This approach increases the level of protection for you and your business, helping to keep your data and your customers’ details safe and secure.

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