Business mobiles and tablets

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Hardware and Networks

We can supply organisations of all sizes with enterprise business mobiles on O2, Vodafone and EE networks, to offer the most reliable service/network for your employees, all on one convenient monthly invoice.

This enables us to do a perfect blend and mix of mobile carriers on your account to maximise real service gains and signal quality whilst enhancing savings on different product sets. This results in your ability to have multiple mobile network connections on one bill.

We can supply your company with all the latest handsets (Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows), tablets and MiFi devices alongside our fully managed fulfilment service from our superb mobile team. This is all seamlessly delivered on one bill combined with any of your other Globalnet services.

We have partnered with a leading Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) enabling us to make any changes to your mobiles directly without having to ask a third party to do it for us. This ability and our highly trained customer service team means we are able to respond quickly to your needs quickly.

IPBX Mobile App

By combining iPBX platform technologies with SIP mobile application, we can convert your mobile phone into a desk-based PBX phone no matter where you are in the world. You can either present your office or mobile number when making calls, giving you the freedom to personalise how your number is presented to your caller.

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Business mobiles are perfect for

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Frequent flyer travellers

You can call back to the UK at your standard UK account tariff

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Mobile or home workers

Stay in contact with a dedicated secure phone

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Directors and managers

Stay in contact with a dedicated secure phone

Which Tariffs will work best for you?

We appreciate that all of our clients are different, and that no one has the same call profile or same data usage patterns. Therefore, we offer a wide range of tariffs including:

Bundled or shared data tariffs

Bundled or shared data tariffs normally work well for businesses that want a set monthly cost. For this you are given a fixed amount of shared data texts and minutes each month. These can then be shared between your users. It means that high users can utilise the data/minutes that low users will not use.

Flat-rate tariffs

We offer a range of bespoke flat-rate tariffs with very low line rental and low call charges for the more low-usage staff.

These tariffs give you the ultimate in flexibility – you simply pay for the exact usage you have. We will also pre-set add-ons like World Traveller to make sure you don’t experience bill shock.

Note: we can mirror any tariff provided from any network, but we feel that every customer has different requirements, so we promise to put together the optimum tariff package that allows you to increase data/voice and text usage without increasing your monthly cost.

Added security

Many businesses allow their employees to use their personal mobiles for work purposes. However, this can be a major danger to your business as they may not be outside your security ring fence. Hackers can access password and emails from insecure mobiles, for example, and gain valuable information about your business or your customers, or even access your network!

Using dedicated business mobiles allows us to secure your phones to the same level as your network and office hardware, reducing the chances of attacks and securing your valuable company data.

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"Excellent. Everyone at Globalnet have been fantastic in resolving the numerous ongoing issues. Thank you so much for all your help."

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VoIP hardware and software

Globalnet provides what we feel to be the best-in-class hardware and software to run your new VoIP system.

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Everything you ever wanted to know about VoIP but were too afraid to ask. Read our FAQs and find the answers.

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Business mobiles and tablets

Business mobiles and tablets give you control over the cost of your telecoms and the security of your network

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