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IT Support Process Improvement – Simplified Scheduling

One of the biggest frustrations as a client is the IT support service scheduling process. We frequently play a game of ping-pong to pick a time that works for everyone. This back and forth leads to inefficiency in delivering you the quickest and most responsive IT support possible. To resolve these scheduling challenges, we have introduced an automated scheduling system as part of our continuous operational improvement initiative. When we need to schedule time together, you can find and book the time that works best for you, based on our team’s real-time availability.

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Most times, we are able to handle your issue from our office behind the scenes or respond quickly to phone calls. Sometimes, we need to schedule time to work together on things like IT support tickets, project tasks, or quarterly business reviews. As part of our automated scheduling system rollout, I’d like to tell you what will happen now:

  1. Our team will determine how much time we need to schedule based upon the task at hand.
  2. You will receive a scheduling link through email, inviting you to choose the time that best suits you. The times provided are based upon our real-time availability.
  3. Once scheduled, you’ll receive a confirmation email, and a calendar invite.
  4. The calendar invite will include meeting instructions.

If you experience any challenges with our new system, please notify us. We look forward to continuing to serve you better!

If you are not a current client of Globalnet but are frustrated with the IT support response times of your supplier, give us a call on 020 3005 9650 to find how Globalnet can give you the IT support you deserve.