UCC – The Next Generation VoIP Solution

What is different about our VoIP system?

As the business world moves away from traditional office-based working, it demands a more flexible and productive approach to communication.  Wildix is the first browser based Unified Communications and Collaboration platform (UCC) giving your team instant access wherever they are, and Globalnet is one of UK’s few official partners.

This simple to use system also provides a suite of tools such as LiveChat, VideoChat and Voice Calls, allowing you to interact and communicate with your users and customers through one single platform. All of these options can also simply be embedded on your website or activated by sending a web link via Email, SMS, Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger.

Like traditional VoIP, our system reduces your phone bills but frees your staff to work anywhere in the world without the need for special hardware. Although we also have some cool kit if you want it!

Quick & easy remote installation

As Wildix is web-based and accessed via your browser, we can install and configure it quickly via the cloud. We can get all of your remote workers set up securely in just a few hours.

We’ll work with you to redirect any phone numbers as smoothly and quickly as possible, allowing you to take calls via the web or telephone. We’ll also configure your system for optimal call quality.


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UCC VoIP Features

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Enable your staff to work from anywhere

As long as your team members have an internet connection, they can easily communicate with your customers and their work colleagues from anywhere.

The remotely managed platform means your business can continue to run smoothly without any dip in productivity or sales.

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Offer your customers more ways to connect with you

Wildix includes a suite of communication channels such as LiveChat, VideoChat and Voice Calls, all managed via one single platform.

Simply embed the contact ‘triggers’ within your website, or send a clickable link to your customer to activate the channel of choice. As it’s a single, unified platform, your communications will be recorded in one place, giving your team complete visibility of what’s been said and agreed.

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Lower call costs

Save uo to 70% of your traditional call charges with Wildix, including landline and mobile calls!

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Your choice of numbers and area codes

You can keep your existing number, add new numbers and local area codes, or dedicated numbers for sales campaigns.

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Remote and onsite support

Your UCC VoIP system is fully backed by our Helpdesk and remote support services, which also includes security, upgrades and hardware support.

In the rare instances of a fault, the majority of issues can be diagnosed and resolved quickly on the same day by our remote support Helpdesk, and we can be easily contacted by phone or email, or through our Helpdesk management system. However, if you need an engineer, we can make a site visit.

Globalnet is a managed servicer provider for a wide range of businesses throughout London, Essex, Kent and Herts. Our IT consultants are available to discuss your VoIP requirements and provide your business with a competitive quote. Call us today on 0203 005 9650 to arrange a meeting.

How Wildix will benefit your business

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Fast Set-up

Once we have agreed a start date, it can take less than 24 hours to set up your system.

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Automatic Updates and Maintenance

We update our services, features and security patches in the background and on a regular basis.

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Reporting and Tracking

Use the reporting features to understand your calls, to see your invoices and to monitor your costs.

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Reduced Costs

You could potentially save over 40%. Call costs are usually lower than traditional telephony services.


Globalnet installed a VoIP telephone system for us and this has changed how we use our phone system and saved us about 75% on our telecommunications bills. The VoIP system is so flexible and allows us to practically ‘set-up’ an office from anywhere within a matter of minutes, which is very helpful when working from home.

With Globalnet you always know who you are speaking to, it is not a faceless call centre where you speak to many different ‘technicians’. The small support group enables problems to be dealt with quickly and if one technician can’t help the issue is very quickly escalated and dealt with.

Globalnet is a friendly and responsive IT firm that offers an excellent service for a reasonable cost. They are always on hand to offer advice and guidance and you feel you can trust them to resolve any issue.

Martin Stibbards, Director, S.Stibbards & Sons
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