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Managed IT Security

managed IT Security, data protection
The most comprehensive plan for SMEs

Globalnet offers a comprehensive managed IT security plan that closes all potential loop holes in your system. Whether you’re a sole trader protecting a single PC or an SME with multiple locations and hundreds of employees, we can protect your devices, your data and your business. Our plan also meets GDPR compliancy too, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Our managed cyber security plan is available for a conveniently monthly fee, so you always know exactly what to budget for.

We believe that this is the most comprehensive cyber security plan for SMEs currently available. Speak to our IT consultants to find out why.

Keeping Your Data Safe

Stacking the level of security in this way increases the level of protection for you and your business, helping to keep your data and your customers’ details safe from malicious attacks. We believe that the more layers of protection you have, the better. After all, you wouldn’t lock your door but leave a window open!

In the unlikely event that your network is breached, we will immediately work to resolve any issues, and to prevent and repair any further damage.

Globalnet works with businesses throughout London, Essex, Kent and Herts to ensure their data and networks are secure from all threats. Call us today to find out how we can provide the right protection for you.

Our Managed IT Security services include

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Anti-virus and anti-malware

Stopping harmful viruses with two layers of enterprise level protection

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Email spam protection

Added layers of AI based spam filtering

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Email phishing protection

Stops emails before they hit your inbox

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Constantly updated as new threats are detected

Part of the largest network of security monitoring and updated in real time

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Staff cyber security awareness training

Your last line of defence is your employees so we train them to spot threats

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Security policy enforcement

Close security gaps with secure password policies and lock down potential employee data leak weak spots

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Managed backup and disaster recovery

Helping keep your data safe in the worst case scenario, and allows your business to continue with minimum downtime

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Telephone and remote support

On hand support for issues as they arise

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Cyber Essentials and GDPR compliant

Goes beyond the minimum standards set by the UK and EU

Add Cyber Essentials certification

As a starting point our security plan is Cyber Essentials compliant and goes beyond the UK Government’s minimum recommendations for cyber security. If your government or corporate contracts demand Certification, we can assist you achieve it. We offer both Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus Certification, which can be easily added to any of our cyber security plans.

Our IT consultants are available to discuss your Cyber Essentials Certificate.

Cyber Essentials, Certificate


We switched to Globalnet a year ago and I feel Encompass has benefitted from the ease of use of their services and having the confidence that all my data is securely stored in the cloud. The Globalnet team provides us with no-nonsense advice and speedy solutions.

Added to this, they’re always polite and friendly on the phone.

If you need a great IT supplier, pick up the phone and have a chat with the team at Globalnet. They’ll simplify all you need to know and make it fuss-free!

Kevin Grant, Director, Encompass Safety Solutions Ltd
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