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Executive reporting

Executive reporting and CSAT scoring

With some IT support providers, you might not know how they’re performing until something goes wrong.

However, at Globalnet, we like to keep our clients well informed through regular Executive Reports.  After all, we’re proud of our performance and we’re keen to share it!

Our generated reports detail the health of a client’s network, the queries raised over a period of time and how we’ve dealt with them.

This transparency helps you track how your investment has paid off and keeps us accountable to you.  By comparing reports over time, you can easily identify the improvements we have made to your network through our managed IT support.

CSAT scoring

Our Executive Reports also detail how satisfied your team have been with our support services.  We track this through CSAT scoring – an easy ‘traffic light’ rating system that allows users to rate our handling of any query they have raised.

Through this, we ensure that our level of customer service remains high, while you can rest assured that we remain accountable to you and your investment.

CSAT scoring

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