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Cloud hosted desktop service

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A cloud hosted desktop is exactly the same as using a regular PC, except that that your files and applications are held securely in the Cloud and accessed remotely via the internet. All you need is a workstation, such as a laptop or PC, tablet, Mac or even a smartphone connected to the internet.

This means that you can access all your work and software from different locations, such as at home, in a hotel or internet café, on the train or on the beach. Our secure encryption ensures that everything remains secure and private.

Globalnet’s cloud hosted desktops are perfect for workers that are often away from the office and their office PC. Everything is synced and saved in the cloud, so you can begin a document in the office, work on it in a hotel office suite, and finish it at home. As long as you have access to a laptop, PC, or smart device and have an internet connection, you can keep working.

It’s not just files on the cloud either, we can set you up with cloud hosted software, so even if they’re not installed on the PC you’re using, you can still use applications like Microsoft Office, Outlook, Adobe CC and many more.

Hosting your team’s desktops in the cloud is also the perfect hot desk solution, and provides secure backup in case of PC hard drive failures.


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Access your files

Access all your files in the cloud, wherever you are in the world

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Access your software

Use licensed software from Microsoft, Adobe and many more direct from the cloud

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Use any computer or smart device securely

Use your unique username and password to securely access your hosted desktop on any connected device

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Keep your team connected

Keep mobile and hosted employees connected and secure.

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Cloud computing, hosted desktop, cloud, cloud computing

Cloud hosted desktop service

Access and work on your office PC's documents and software from any device, anywhere in the world, securely and privately.

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Office 365, Microsoft, cloud computing

Microsoft Office 365

We are specialists in providing and supporting the World’s leading cloud solution for business, Microsoft Office 365

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