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GDPR compliancy service

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Globalnet is now able to assist clients to become GDPR compliant, using the online platform Astrid. We understand that for small and medium sized businesses, GDPR compliancy is a daunting task, and that many companies are struggling to understand the requirements, the processes and the implications that the new General Data Protection Regulations can have on the business.

Our aim is to remove the fear of the new regulations – Astrid will show you where to start and provide the tools to make it as easy as possible for you to comply – whilst keeping it affordable for even the smallest of businesses.

Developed with SMEs in mind, the Astrid secure online platform shows you what you need to do and gives you the tools and information you need – all broken down into practical, manageable steps that make the process painless and simple.

If sensitive information is the lifeblood of your business, then we can help you safeguard your reputation by protecting your customers, staff and other contacts’ personal data.

Exclusive 10% discount for Globalnet clients

Globalnet has negotiated a 10% discount on the Astrid system for our clients and we are working together to improve delivery of GDPR compliancy and training to businesses across a range of sectors.

Used in combination with our Cyber Essentials Certification ensures your data is both secure and meets all data protection requirements.

Speak to one of our IT consultants to find out how Globalnet and Astrid can help you achieve and maintain GDPR compliancy by 25thMay 2018 and beyond.

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Developed for small and micro businesses to be GDPR compliant

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Downloadable tools

Downloadable tools to help you meet GDPR requirements and improve compliance, including data mapping and risk assessment forms, and privacy statement templates

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Training suite

A training suite, with unique access for your staff, containing videos to make sure staff understand their responsibilities under GDPR, and a log to record who has completed their training so you can demonstrate training to the ICO

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Timely reminders

Help to keep progressing towards GDPR compliance with timely reminders about outstanding activities

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Support and advice

Access to a resource centre and newsletter packed with information and advice tailored to supporting SMEs and particularly microbusinesses, every step of the way

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Records and repository

A log for any data breaches you experience and a repository to store documentation such as data protection policies

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Central portal

A record of the process you have gone through and the steps you have taken so you can demonstrate your compliance and accountability

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Keep up to date

Over the first few years of GDPR we expect some requirements to evolve as legal interpretations change, Astrid will keep you up to date on these requirements and help you simply and quickly update your compliance records

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Certificate of commitment to GDPR compliance

A certificate on completion of activities to demonstrate your commitment to GDPR compliance to your staff and customers

“I’ve looked at a lot of GDPR training packages and found Astrid to be head and shoulder above the rest. The website, documentation and guidance are simple to follow, clear and concise and more than well suited to small to medium businesses.
The content is educational and practical. Thanks to Astrid, I’m very pleased to say that we have the support we need and are well on our journey to GDPR compliance.”

Stephen Baskett, Health, Safety and Compliance Manager, Premier Workplace Services
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DPIA – Data Protection Impact Assessments

Data Protection Impact Assessments are a mandatory way of identifying, assessing and mitigating or minimising privacy risks.

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GDPR – The six privacy principles

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GDPR – Data subjects’ rights

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GDPR – Consent

Under GDPR your company must be able to prove clear and affirmative consent to process personal data.

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GDPR – Liabilities to your business

Liability and responsibility will extend to all organisations that touch the personal data of the subject / subjects.

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GDPR and your business

Companies need to take a fresh look at how they deal with personal data in all aspects of operations, and 3rd party business relationships.

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Post Brexit – Data Protection Bill

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GDPR compliancy service

Find out how Globalnet can help small businesses protect personal data and meet GDPR requirements.

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