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Security policy enforcement

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Operational gaps

As cybercriminals become ever more sophisticated, firewalls and antivirus software increasingly fall short of plugging the gaps in your security. With 60% of cyber-attacks now targeting small to medium sized businesses it is vital that you have the best tools to protect your business from the many ways your data can be accessed, stolen and abused. You may have IT security policies in place, but can you be sure they’re being followed?

With a standard security policy your biggest weakness may still be your employees. It’s estimated that 50% of employees and contractors walk out with 50% of unauthorised data on USB, cloud drives or optical media like CDs or DVDs. This includes personally identifiable data, customer information, financials or other critical intellectual property.

While there may be no criminal or malicious intent – for instance home working – if they then access this information on devices outside of your security ringfence, it opens up that data to hackers. Additionally, it may breach GDPR and cost your company a large fine.

Globalnet works with businesses throughout London, Essex, Kent and Herts to ensure their data and networks are secure from all threats. Call us today to find out how we can provide the right protection for you.

Globalnet offers powerful security policy enforcement tools

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Enforce password discipline

Set password requirements - age, length, complexity

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Restrict applications

Disable .exe installs, uninstall blacklisted apps, stable Windows Instealler

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Restrict dangerous actions

Restrict local admin tools, plug and play, disable autoplay

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Prevent phishing

Prevent personal webmail access, prevent social media access

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Limit controls per user

Set controls based on individual user privilege, job role and requirement

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USB wall

Prevent unregistered USB stick reading and writing

Automated security policy enforcement

Operational gaps are now the biggest threat to your business. Data theft, unmanaged passwords, phishing, unqualified access to Local Admin, unauthorized software. How many ways can inadequate operational cyber security cause you major problems? Far more than you think. Globalnet can close those gaps, dramatically reducing your exposure, with our enforced automated security policy tools.

This extra layer of protection costs very little per end user but offers valuable extra security for your customers’ data and peace of mind for you.

Speak to our IT consultants  to find out more about our IT security policy enforcement options and PC lockdown tools.

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Globalnet provides great and punctual customer service and response to queries in a timely manner. The Globalnet team is always there to answer any questions from any member of our company and has a quick turnaround on outstanding issues.

Sanj Patel, IT Manager, Millennium Group
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