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Telephone and Remote Services

We know how important it is to receive immediate support for any IT queries arising during the course of your work. Our Telephone and Remote service provides our clients with unlimited telephone and remote support, Monday-Friday between 8:30am and 6:30pm.

Based in the British Isles, our fantastic team of experienced Helpdesk consultants will help to solve a wide range of hardware and software issues quickly and conveniently.

How it works
How it works
  • One of your users experiences an IT problem
  • They alert our Helpdesk with a simple phone call or email
  • One of our highly skilled consultants will contact the user to begin the troubleshooting process
  • The Helpdesk consultant will initiate remote access to the computer terminal and run diagnostics to identify the problem
  • The consultant will resolve the problem remotely, with minimal disruption to your business

In the case of a loss of Internet or firewall connectivity, our consultants will investigate the incident by phone, before deciding if an onsite visit is required but in 95% of cases, the Service Desk resolves any incident remotely.

"Jack got back to me straight away and resolved the problem quickly. Thanks" - Catherine

28 July 2016 - Phone Issue at a Theatre
Is it secure?

Naturally, your security is of primary importance. Therefore, remote access rights are only initiated by you or your users, and a unique session ID has to be exchanged before remote access is granted.

Our clients’ information is held under strict network and file security, with access passwords changed regularly, while all remote sessions are encrypted by default.

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