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Holiday cover

IT, holiday cover

When your IT team is absent, your business doesn’t have to face disruption.  We can supply one of our experienced IT support consultants for holiday cover or extra help during short and long-term absences in your IT team.

Ideal for businesses that might only have one or two IT technicians, we take the worry away from both them and you by offering seamless cover during holiday periods or during sickness.

With options for both in-house support and remote telephone Helpdesk support, our service is flexible to suit you and your business’s needs.

Globalnet is a managed servicer provider for businesses in London, Essex, Kent and Herts. Call us today to find out how we can provide holiday cover or sickness cover for your business’s IT team.


Globalnet is always quick to respond to any issues we may have, which keeps any disruption to work at a minimum. It’s good to have someone on the end of the phone who knows what we need and how our business works, rather than speaking to someone reading from a script.

Choose Globalnet - I’m confident they will add value to your business.

Kevin Richards, Business Manager, Archers Law, Solicitors
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Ad hoc support

You don't need a managed account to receive help. Our IT Helpdesk team is at the end of a phone to help with ad hoc support.

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IT consultants, Essex, London, southend

IT consultancy

When you need an expert opinion on your IT infrastructure, Globalnet is on hand to advise and assist you in achieving your aims.

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Holiday cover

We can supply one of our experienced IT consultants to cover any holidays or long-term absences in your IT team.

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Helpdesk escalation

For times when your IT department needs a helping hand, our experienced IT consultants are here to assist.

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Internet, WiFi and networking

Problems with your internet connection, network or WiFi? We offer a range of network services tailored to your business.

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Globalnet aims to be an integral part of your success, providing the best business advice, superior IT support and technology to help you reach your goals.

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