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When you need an expert opinion on your infrastructure, Globalnet’s consultancy services can be called upon to give you the best advice for your business.

Perhaps you are considering rolling out new software across your business, or your current network isn’t working for you but you’re not sure what to do with it.

We will review your current infrastructure, take the time to understand you business and its needs, and only then will we make recommendations to help you move your infrastructure forward.

Our ethos is to design and implement frastructure that is truly the best solution for you, taking into account budget, future plans and business aims.

We never over-specify or upsell products that are unnecessary, but we ensure that everything is scalable and can be added to at a later date as your business grows, should you need the extra capacity.

Globalnet is a managed servicer provider for businesses in London, Essex, Kent and Herts. To discuss your IT requirements and find out how we can improve your systems, speak to one of our IT consultants and book a site visit.

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Over the last two years we have entrusted Rob and his team at Globalnet with the responsibility of managing our IT provision. They have successfully transitioned our server from a tired, slow in-house unit to an off-site cloud-based server, with only a small impact on our down time.

Globalnet is currently working on a project for us which, given their past performance, we had no qualms to award to them. They continue to resolve all issues and requirements brought to them by my staff in a timely manner.

I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other companies for their IT solutions.

Martin Taylor, Managing Director, PumpServ
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Ad hoc support

You don't need a managed account to receive help. Our IT Helpdesk team is at the end of a phone to help with ad hoc support.

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IT consultancy

When you need an expert opinion on your IT infrastructure, Globalnet is on hand to advise and assist you in achieving your aims.

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Holiday cover

We can supply one of our experienced IT consultants to cover any holidays or long-term absences in your IT team.

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Helpdesk escalation

For times when your IT department needs a helping hand, our experienced IT consultants are here to assist.

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Internet, WiFi and networking

Problems with your internet connection, network or WiFi? We offer a range of network services tailored to your business.

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Globalnet aims to be an integral part of your success, providing the best business advice, superior IT support and technology to help you reach your goals.

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